Year end knits and the logistics of gifting a knitter

Let’s start this post by playing a little catch up.

In the time between my last post and Christmas I knit:

  • A Dede cardigan as a baby shower gift for my husband’s cousin’s baby shower
  • A fair isle hat for my daughter that is really a swatch for the Sister Snowflakes sweater I want to make her (and my stitch gauge was off by half an inch. Planning  on going up a needle size and making the pattern a size bigger so she can grow into it:


  • A Star Wars hat for my husband (pattern name on Ravelry is The Force Awakens):IMG_20151217_143752536_HDR.jpg
  • Made a few starts and stops on the Be Simple Variations shawl
  • Began swatching for the Olivia Petit pattern I was gifted at Christmas (!)

So for Christmas I was gifted with a half dozen patterns from my Ravelry wish list, which was so very awesome! Between my husband and mother in law I have enough knitting planned out to last until NEXT Christmas. But here’s the kicker: several beautiful patterns and not very much yarn. I mean, I’m really being a brat because the $50 KnitPicks gift card I also got for Christmas is also very nice but…fifty bucks buys just about enough yarn for one adult sized knitting pattern. I have SEVERAL patterns to knit (there was one baby pattern, the Olivia Petit, but I already have the yarn for that.) I thanked my husband and mother-in-law, then later explained to my husband that instead buying me five knitting patterns and the equivalent of a single project’s worth of yarn, he could for example buy me maybe two knitting patterns and give me the cash equivalent of three additional patterns to spend on materials. Or, he and anyone else he may advise on how to gift me can carry on and I will just have to purchase the yarn with my own means, quite possibly as a birthday gift to myself since January 2 is so darn close to December 25.

And that’s exactly what I did:

IMG_20160102_130927403_HDR.jpgIMG_20160102_131525966.jpgThe skeins in both pictures are for the same project, which I can’t wait to start. It will be the most technically challenging knitting I have done to date, and I can’t wait to reveal it here!

But before that I have to finish a cowl for my brother and either finish or hibernate the Be Simple Variations shawl I have sitting on my size 7 circulars (yes, I inconveniently have only one pair). Hopefully this weekend will see me swatching and blocking and perhaps buying more yarn…

Happy New Year, everyone!


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