Primal Blueprint Health Challenge – Days 4 – 6

You know, I kinda admire people who can take such great pictures of their food. They have much better cameras and lighting than me. They also have more patience. Really, I like to eat my food more than anything else. I have managed to take a few not-too-terrible pics for you of some of the things I have been eating in the last three days, though!

There are those fabulous bacon and guacamole sandwiches I talked about in the last post. I had six of these fabulously decadent little treats, using six strips of bacon total:

Guacamole sandwiched between bacon strips

Dr. Swank is rolling in his grave, God bless his soul.

It is kind of hard to OD on these things. They taste good. REALLY REALLY good. But they are so rich that they satiate you for the most part (and if nothing else, you feel like you should eat some fruit later just for balance).

Yesterday I took yet another recipe from Nom Nom Paleo, prosciutto-wrapped mini frittata muffins:

Ham wrapped egg frittata

So cute! So savory! So full of sulfur-rich veggies!

There was no prosciutto in the house (there rarely is), so I stole some of Hubby’s nitrate-free sliced ham. These babies are chock full of garlic, onion and some chopped chicken. I resisted the urge to completely cover them in halved cherry tomatoes and I am kind of glad I exercised that restraint. Earlier today I basically gorged on three handfuls of the cherry tomatoes that were left – moderation one day, full blown tomato-hedonism the next…

Instead of ravaging Hubby’s sandwich meat supply I only made four muffins with ham. The rest were baked sans wrapper, which didn’t turn out too bad but I think I will definitely want some from of wrapper for all of them the next time to avoid having some of the egg getting stuck to the muffin tin. I ate three of those ham-less muffins for breakfast this morning along with those cherry tomatoes, and then had this for lunch:

Kale and Sausage

Spicy. Fragrant. Kale and Sausage.

I know there are some Primals out there who don’t approve of store-bought smoked meats, but these sausages from Whole Foods are nitrate and preservative free. Also, I had them before I started the challenge and they are pretty pricey. So I am going to eat them, dammit! They can just go towards the 20% of the 80/20 rule the understanding Mark Sisson came up with.

The kale was a product of this modified recipe: I just excluded the cheese and used that narcotic mushroom and sage olive oil I have been loving so much. My. God. It was wonderful. I think I may have to prep some more kale like this tomorrow.

Friday and Saturday were my consecutive rest days. This morning I went on a 30 minute bike ride, which included some easy riding and two full out (and essential) sprints. When I got back home I managed 50 chair squats, 20 wall push ups, and Workout B.

Today Workout B looked like this:

3×5 bent over rows @ 45 lbs

3×5 standing military presses @ 35 lbs

400 foot farmers walk @ 15 lbs (I basically walk back and forth in my basement to do this)

I feel accomplished and full. Despite it being 99 degrees outside I am not being tormented by any MS-related heat intolerance. It will get into the triple digits later this week, however. I wish heat was tangible so I could punch it in the face.

Hope everyone else has had a good last couple of days!


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