Primal Blueprint Health Challenge – Days 1-3

ARGH. Blogging every day is SO hard. The past three days all I have wanted to do is come home, work out and then EAT.

My breath is all weird and kinda tasting funny. Not bad, just…funny. The Internet says this is a sign of ketosis. And I say, “I don’t care, I’m hungry NEED FOOD.

It’s not like I am starving. It’s just when it’s time for me to eat, it’s goddamn time to eat. So what have I been eating???

I can’t remember exactly what I ate for breakfast and lunch on Day One, but I SWEAR is/was paleo. By dinner, I thought enough to actually take some pictures.

Bott;e of mushroom sage olive oil

Words cannot even

This beautiful bottle pretty much made the night. There is a super fabulous spice purveyor several blocks down from the building I work in. They have a fabulous assortment of olive oils as well. I took a sample shot of this wild mushroom and sage blend during my last visit and my mind was completely blown. I knew I had to make SOMETHING with it.

Trader Joe's Baby Bella pre cuts

Trader Joe’s Baby Bella ‘shrooms

Look how creative I am, sautéing mushrooms with mushroom infused oil! I don’t have pictures of this plated because I basically ate them as soon as they were cooked (I’m telling you, I was HONGRY.) While the thought of watching pornography while having sex has never appealed to me (and I’ve never done it), I have to think that it is the closest abstract comparison I can make to eating these mushrooms. It’s just…mushrooms accented by mushrooms with the peppery kick of olive oil and the grassy bite of sage. Okay, nevermind. There’s no way porn paired with actual sex could be THIS good.

Pan seared stead

Pan-seared grass-fed yummy cow parts

The protein of the night was some pan seared flank steak. And no, I didn’t eat this all by myself! Hubby and I split it…for the most part. He had like, one bite left on his plate that he couldn’t finish so I downed it for him. The seasoning was pretty simple: the pieces were rubbed down with the mushroom and sage olive oil and liberally peppered and moderately salted. Yummy yum yum!

On to Day 2…

Scrambled eggs with peppers and carrots with guacamole

About 27 grams of protein, right here.

Here is the breakfast of champions: baby carrots with spicy guacamole and a four-egg omelet with mixed bell peppers. I pretty much ate this straight away at work. It seems that I can make it through a good part of the day on breakfast alone, but it definitely leaves me feeling famished by the time I get home and finish whatever workout I have planned for the day.

Trader Joe's Spicy Guacamole

Maybe the best hummus substitute evah.

This is the hummus I have been using. It is great for dipping the carrots into, and I am sure it is going to pair well with the cucumber I got the other day from one of my coworkers. Her garden is apparently threatening to take over her yard.

Later that night I made chili for me and Hubby, and had some leftovers for breakfast today on Day 3. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the next batch. When I got home I snacked on some carrots and tomato slices while making hubby pasta. Typically I bake and then chop up some bacon for the pasta when I got a bright idea…

I really wanted to try this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo So I did.

All I can say about Michelle Tam is, Mama knows her stuff. I have been bookmarking different posts from Nom Nom Paleo all day and plan to use them throughout the challenge (I like how I say that as if this thing might have a definite end…)

The workouts every other day have been modified so that I a going through some of the essential primal movements (squats and push ups) and combining them with some lifting (mostly deadlifts and overhead military presses). No pull ups because I have weak girl arms, and no bench presses because I don’t have a bench. Yes, yes…it’s the most bootleg workout ever. I’ll re-evaluate this weekend. On my off days I either walk for a few miles or I strip away the last vestiges of my humanity doing cardio on the Wii Fit. (Note to self: must write post about love/hate relationship with Wii Fit.)

The pictures will stop here for now, mostly because my phone just died and I can’t email them to myself anymore. The quality of the pics definitely need work, and I have realized that I need to really start cleaning my kitchen if I am going to take pictures in it. Those stove burners are BAD.


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