Today was weight lifting day – Suck it multiple sclerosis!


So I just got done lifting some weights in my basement. I don’t have a rack or a bench or any machines with pulleys. I just have a 20 lb bar and several sets of plates that I got off of Craigslist a month ago for $50. How very “I’m-going-to-spend-this-summer-trying-to-make-the-football-team” of me, you might think.

My reasons are simple.

One, I am a woman. An Asian woman. Osteoporosis is nasty, annoying shit. Bones were made to bear weight. Bones get denser under constant and progressive weight-bearing exercise. So I’m going to spit in the face of the treat of dissolving bones and maybe get “swole” in the process.

Me by the end of the year.

Two, no one likes a fatty. Whether it’s a fatty-fatty or a skinny-fatty.

Three, I have multiple sclerosis.

The benefits of strength training for MSers is a topic worthy of its own post. And my intent is to write that post very soon. But today I am going to prioritize my personal motivation and proceed to log the day’s workout. So you can stop reading right here if you want. I’m just going to drop some links to the resources I used to get started first: – really good basic info for anyone who wants the basics – really good basic and not-so-basic info specifically for women (with lots of enjoyable crass language) – form, form, form, form, FORM – a rather promising bit of news for MSers who like lifting heavy stuff



Height – 5’3

Weight – 0x90 (yeah, that’s hex alright)

“Workout B”

Warm up sets – 3×5 chair squats (5 lbs), 3×5 bent over rows (20 lbs), 3×5 standing military presses (20 lbs), 3×5 seated barbell twist (20 lbs)

Working sets – 3×5 chair squats (8 lbs), 3×5 bent over rows (30lbs), 3×5 standing military presses (30 lbs), 3×5 seated barbell twist (20 lbs)

The above amounts of weight are small. And they’re supposed to be. I’m just starting out and no stupid injury is going to get in my way. The goal is to increase in weight every week if possible but several factors will go into whether or not that actually happens.

I have two workouts, Workout A and Workout B. The idea is to life three days a week, and alternate the workouts like so:

Week One – Workout A, Workout B, Workout A

Week Two – Workout B, Workout A, Workout B (I was just hit buy the sudden urge to refer to these as “Werkouts”)

On the non-lifting days I do things like bike, stretch, walk and some other nonsense. Nothing strenuous (although maybe it should be). In a few weeks I will be adding some more “accessory work”, but in the meantime I am just focused on learning good form and figuring out how the hell to eat enough protein to support muscle growth.

I did some lifting this past Friday, and instead of waiting until tomorrow I decided to go for it again today. That gives me a somewhat strange sounding Friday, Sunday, Tuesday lift schedule. But that Mon/Wed/Fri shit is for the fitness magazines. I wanted to get going while I was still motivated and as sad as it sounds, waiting “just” one day can throw things off in the infancy of any new venture.

I’m off to bake some skinless, boneless chicken thighs now.


Me by the end of next year.




I’VE BEEN HERE FOR…months. And by “here”, I mean the general space I occupy on a day-to-day basis. Not this blog. Because obviously I am a substandard blogger and go months in between posts. I just wanted to make the nod to LL Cool J with that opening line.

The last several months have been filled with research and analysis that are about to give birth to many blog posts. Until then, enjoy the pic of a young LL rocking Kangol.