God, I love Daylight Savings Time


So it has been a while since I last posted. Quite a few things have happen, most of them I want to share here. I just want to get the okay from a few key people before I relay the experiences, because I don’t want to put someone’s name out there without permission (not that their names aren’t out there already in various forms, but whatever. I’m being considerate!).

What I can say is that I am totally digging this extra hour we just got in the U.S. I am now effortlessly awake an hour earlier! I now begin the morning with an extra hour to knit, ride my bike, play Phoenix Wright 3, whatever! It’s great.

Louis Armstrong

The character design in Phoenix Wright 3 is the best of all three games! No, “Apollo Wright” doesn’t count…

I totally refuse to squander this time by using it to sleep even more. Nope, won’t do it. Not even on really cold mornings when it is dark as hell and my SO is sound asleep next to me radiating warmth like a skinny five foot ten space heater.

Yup, an extra hour. Totally sweet.