Great Moments in Multiple Sclerosis Knitting #1

Knitting a sock with a four row pattern repeat, only to notice that the pattern is starting to look different about two inches into making the leg. It slowly dawns on me that I knit the last damn pattern repeat backwards, knitting Rows 4 through 1 as opposed to Rows 1 through 4. This actually required me to read off of the note card with the pattern breakdown from the bottom up, instead of from the top down(as required by most written languages on the planet Earth). Mental note made to stick to simple garter stitch projects when tired.

(Last post I suggested I would be writing about the goodness of crafting with yarn in general, but this sock SNAFU derailed the plan. To paraphrase a non-hologramed Tupac Shakur – Knitters, holla if ya hear me.)


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