Great Moments in Multiple Sclerosis Knitting #1


Knitting a sock with a four row pattern repeat, only to notice that the pattern is starting to look different about two inches into making the leg. It slowly dawns on me that I knit the last damn pattern repeat backwards, knitting Rows 4 through 1 as opposed to Rows 1 through 4. This actually required me to read off of the note card with the pattern breakdown from the bottom up, instead of from the top down(as required by most written languages on the planet Earth). Mental note made to stick to simple garter stitch projects when tired.

(Last post I suggested I would be writing about the goodness of crafting with yarn in general, but this sock SNAFU derailed the plan. To paraphrase a non-hologramed Tupac Shakur – Knitters, holla if ya hear me.)


So what’s all this then?


So what’s all this then?

This is my new blog. I have multiple sclerosis. There will be a fair bit of writing about my other interests, but as my illness has become my primary preoccupation since January of this year, I endlessly find ways to relate everything else in my life back to it. So expect to hear about multiple sclerosis and ways of managing it, how shall we say, a whole fucking lot.

Oh, damn. Is it that bad?

No. Well, maybe. Just think about this as a blog about me, the stuff I am into, and I just happen to have multiple sclerosis. And I am really, REALLY into trying to figure out how I developed the disease, and what I can do about it moving forward.

In all honesty, my answer to this question can change from hour to hour. Is it because I am still trying to come to terms with my situation, and my feelings about it tend to swing? Maybe. Is it because inflammation has eaten holes into the myelin covering the center of my central nervous system, and my swiss cheese brain could have some impaired cognitive ability? Possible. Maybe writing it all out here will help me settle somewhere on the issue. Or maybe this blog is just another way of expressing my extreme rage putting my awesome and ever-changing insights into the world.

Why is yarn mentioned in your tag line?

Mostly to get the point across that I am all about alternative treatments for my condition, and partially because crafting with yarn will, in fact, be discussed here. The same goes for the mention of programming and bikes. Of course things like diet and supplementation will be discussed as well, because any management plan would be severely lacking without it. But there is enough information out there about diet and exercise for multiple sclerosis already. I want to write more extensively about the possible outliers, the forms of treatment that are discounted by traditional medical science. You know, the stuff that is apparently too bad ass for lame traditional reductionist medical practitioners to consider.

So, you’re basically a hippy?

Hey! Just because I only eat free-range, grass-fed, raised cruelty-free meat, basically live at Whole Foods when I’m not at the farmer’s market, recycle, and dream about brewing kombucha in the kitchen of my own farmhouse settled on 20 acres of sheep and alpaca pastures while blithely riding around town on my zero-emissions bicycle, you can’t just slap the “hippy” label on me.

But why don’t you use traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine is for when you break a bone. It’s for when you’re in labor and there is WAY too much blood making an appearance. At this point in time traditional medicine does not have a definitive answer to multiple sclerosis. Treatment has come a long way in the last 10 – 15 years, and it has certainly been a mixed bag. Just none of the options being offered up are the right answer to my particular situation. And frankly, traditional medicine is just too narrow-minded to properly address a disease as multi-faceted as multiple sclerosis.

My faith in doctors is very small, but there are a few out there that I definitely hold in esteem. Not-so-coincidentally these doctors have been personally affected by multiple sclerosis and somewhat-coincidentally (but not really) they all take a holistic attitude about treatment:

Dr. Terry Wahls –

Dr. George Jelinek –

Dr. Andrew Larson –

Dr. Roy Swank (with Dr. John McDougall by association) –

What the hell is that in your header?

It is a cropped photo of one of the exhibits from MS: the big knit. Vitamin D is super important for people with multiple sclerosis, and good sources of that include eggs, fish, sunshine, and vitamin D3 supplements. See it now?

Is there anything else I should know so that I can decide if I want to be invested in this thing?

Well…if you are reading this, chances are you already know me. But if not, some possible points of interest might be:

  • I live in the Midwest with my significant other (or as people in the blogosphere say, “SO”)
  • I am not originally from the Midwest
  • I bemoan the lack of good mangoes in the Midwest
  • The above fact stems from the fact I am Filipina-American
  • I am a geek
  • I work in IT (no, this isn’t a repeat)
  • I am allergic to spinach, bananas, chocolate, vanilla, soy, corn, and milk
  • I have a non-racial intolerance to lactose and gluten
  • Despite the previous two points I am still alive and to the surprise of everyone around me, I can still find things to eat

So, maybe you’ll come back again and see my next post due in the next few days. I think I am going to kick things off with a post of the wonderful therapeutic properties of pharmaceutical-grade YARN!